• Managing Stress as a Working Mum

    Working mums in all industries suffer. One of our WEnnovate volunteers is a working mum and wanted to share her solutions to reducing stress. There will always be stress it's how you manage it that makes the difference. We hope you find these useful. If you have any more you want to add, please let us know! Sharing is Caring!
  • The Democratization of Innovation

    The democratization of innovation makes it easy for people to be anywhere they want in physical form while having a digital presence elsewhere in virtual and simulated environments, seeding new economies and cultures.
  • You are Brave; This is Why

    My best friend has called me brave many times over the years. Yesterday, a different person (my current coach) said the same. It felt weird to take it in, but I heard them out as they explained why.
  • Replacing the Umbilical Cord with a Digital One

    "Throughout Europe, every unborn child will be obliged to receive a subcutaneous RFID chip. We will provide the chip in question with an information sheet on the newborn. This chip will also contain a powerful GPS sensor."


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