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    We created WEnnovate to provide a space to highlight and raise awareness of the contribution women in STEAM make to innovation.

    We have two goals in mind: 1) to get more women to stay in leadership roles in innovative industries (we need more women at the decision-making table) and 2) to help female founders receive the funding they need for their scaling start-ups. Women receive less than 5% of the 5% of funding given to start-ups!

    Women leave science and technology roles at a rate of 42% or higher.

    Why is that important?

    Science and technology are integral elements of our ecosystem. It shapes all that we do. Our voices, our personal experiences, our opinions, and our perspectives need to be part of the technology that affects our daily lives.

    We can't do this alone.

    Achieving true gender equality requires fostering empathy and mutual respect among individuals, irrespective of their gender identities. By uniting under these principles, all genders can transcend mere equality, propelling us toward a future of boundless possibilities.

    Diverse voices, cultures, and genders are critical to creating intelligent solutions that shape our lives and how we live.

    What's in it for You

    We believe in community spaces where everyone feels seen and heard.

    This year, we are launching our online co-working space, where community thrives and individual voices are celebrated. Join us for free as a guest, with the convenience of accessing the space whenever a member grants you entry. Members enjoy a flexible monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time. Discover a co-working space where working from home feels connected and inspiring. -->

    We believe in learning as a way to grow and create. WEnnovation never stops for us.

    Our ongoing mini-shops are a combination of webinars and workshops. In 90 minutes, you'll gain information, inspiration, and connection with others just like you. Our sessions will give you practical, hands-on knowledge to further your development. Follow us on our social media platforms or subscribe to our newsletter to keep in touch with our activities.

    We believe in the conversations that make us see a different perspective.

    Our podcasts (live and recorded) are there to highlight the diversity within innovation, the men, women, and marginalized groups that contribute on a daily basis within STEAM. If you know someone who isn't receiving the recognition that they deserve, let us know about them! Send us a message with the person's profile and why YOU think they deserve to be in the spotlight!



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