1. How can I apply?

    Sign-up via the community platform and submit your pitch deck (details in the application).

  2. Can our company join if there is a male founder?

    As long as there is at least one female founder, your company can join the program.

  3. How much money will this cost?

    The WEnnovator Accelerator program takes no equity, we are helping you scale with or without funding, so there is an investment of €2950 plus a 5% fee of the investment you receive or the increased revenue you receive in the first year. 

    The fee is 5% of your growth within a year. We rate scale as the growth of 15% or more in revenue or investment funding of €100.000 or more. The fee is taken from the sum of an equity investment or increased revenue from the beginning of the program until 12 months after the program has ended.

  4. How much time do I need to invest?

    You get what you put in. In total, if you attend every workshop, talk, and mastermind it will cost you 58 hours over 10 weeks. This does not include meetings you may have with investors, mentors, coaches, experts or the time you put into your pitch.

  5. How long does the program last?

    Ten weeks through online sessions. 

  6. Is there a pitch day?

    Yes, there will be a virtual pitch event 8 weeks into the program.

  7. What happens after the program ends?

    You automatically join the online community when you join the program. After the program, you receive your first-year free membership. As a member, you have access to our

    • mastermind sessions at a discounted rate,
    • network events,
    • mentors,
    • coaches,
    • workshops (discounted the first year),
    • and ongoing funding support if you need it
  8. What is the selection process like?

    A WEnnovate jury of mentors and investors will review your application and your pitch deck based on that we’ll assess whether you are a fit for the program.

  9. What happens with the money given to WEnnovate?

    WEnnovate as part of the non-profit Empowerment, which has the mission of seeing more women in leadership roles within STEM, either within a corporation or owning their own. Your input helps us provide more programs for women who aspire to one day be board members or have a business idea and don’t know where to start. We aim to be a source of knowledge and support for them.

If you still have more questions feel free to reach out to Shea Harty hey@wennovate.tech

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