WE believe women led start-ups present one of the biggest market opportunities in Europe today.

It's a fact!

Female-led businesses generate higher revenues and startups with female leaders are less likely to fail! That's why WE need more women-led businesses and WE need to support them.

Our mission is to have more female founders in STEM scale their businesses with or without funding.

WE work to provide you with everything you need tools, information, network, and access that will help you enter new markets or expand your business!

WE want to see you succeed!

Program Benefits

  • A 10-week program that will demystify funding and also prepare you to scale your business (even without funding)
  • Get support from experts, mentors, investors and corporates
  • Grow your network, build your community, develop as a leader, entrepreneur, and maintain your sanity 
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  • Apply today!

Who would be right for the program?

  • Start-ups with at least one female founder
  • Focussed on making an impact or innovation
  • Pre-seed stage
  • You are generating revenue
  • Your business is related to STEM
  • You've tested your product/service with at least one client
  • Your company is based in the EU 

Who shouldn't apply?

  • Start-ups without any female founders
  • Start-ups in the ideation phase meaning you're still working out your business idea (join our community instead!)
  • Start-ups that haven't started generating revenue yet (don't give up- join the community and gain support until you're ready)


  • 7 January
  • 19 March

    Last day to send your application

  • 11 April

    Cohort is Announced!

  • 18 April

    Accelerator Begins!

  • 6 June

    Pitch Day!

  • 24 June

    Program ends!

Are you in?

We promise to share only relevant information, inspiring thoughts and mind-blowing information!


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connecting & exchanging.

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