BOSS Mentality: How to Conquer Your Fears to BE a Successful Boss

Written by Shea Harty

19 Aug 2022

Did you forget that you run the show here? This is your business! It is your idea! You are the visionary that is going to make it work. It would be best if you remembered that.

1. That feeling that you will fail:

Cut it out. Failure is a good thing. If you fail, it means you tried and took a chance. Whether you fail big or small, pat yourself on the back because you are a risk-taker. Write down how often you feel you have failed or made a mistake. Next to each one, write down what you have learned. Now go forth and learn (or forget some more). You got this.

2. That feeling you are not good enough:

Do this. Write down all the good things people have told you about your skills. Think of past teachers, managers, parents, aunts, uncles, friends, or lovers. Write it all down. If you can’t think of anything, call a friend and ask them what they think you are good at. Could you write it down? Call another friend, mom, dad, or anyone with a positive outlook when it comes to you. Take that list and sit with it for a while; believe you are good enough because you are.

3. That feeling that people will judge you:

Good. Let them. That judgment is more about them than it is about you. Their opinions have nothing to do with you. Usually, the harshest judges are those who are afraid to try themselves. It’s easy for them to sit on the side and criticize someone else. You can ignore them or accept that you have some haters in your camp. Successful people always have a hater or two.

4. That feeling that it needs to be perfect:

What happens if it isn’t perfect? Then what? Seriously, write down what will happen if it’s not perfect. And let us be honest, you can benefit from imperfections. Perfection kills progress. You can’t get very far very fast if it has to be 100%. You have to let that go.

There are many more feelings I did not cover. For any feeling you have, ask yourself, what is the alternative to not doing what you must do?