Managing Stress as a Working Mum

Written by Nur Dincel Pazvant

9 Jun 2022

Hello working mums!

Sometimes it is thought that being a working mum is a getaway. It is a getaway from all laundry, chores, demanding kids, shopping, cleaning, irresponsible husband etc.

But what do you think it is in reality? Doing all these things, after all the hustle and bustle of work; plus thinking and planning these during the work…

And yes! We have had this Covid thing, which transformed us also a teacher in one night. Yaay! ????

Do you know that there are women who have one more load on their arms? The ones who are working at S.T.E.A.M.; who try to work, try to make their voice heard, try to show what they are capable of, and try to prove they can be successful…

My role is in S.T.E.A.M. and I am a mum. So I can relate. I can also relate to what they are feeling and the stress on their shoulders.

I would like to share here the things that I found helpful during the times you feel that pressure.

  • Just stop, take a breath! No matter what you are doing at that moment… Seems hard but believe me, not ???? only 5 minutes of breathing slowly will make a huge difference.
  • Let your kid struggle… I don’t mean let him/her struggle from illness of course… Give him/her time to struggle while searching for that specific toy, not be able to press the ketchup on the pasta, or drink the water which is not at the correct temperature.
  • Don’t rush to the cupboard for that extra piece of chocolate. Less sugar, less stress!
  • Do you have laundry to be folded? Just forget it, they have the ability to wait.
  • Nothing left to eat. Try online. There are tons of healthy alternatives online.
  • On your office days, try not to think about home and enjoy the office.
  • Do not take anything personally when talking to your colleagues.


I hope that these can make a good chance in your life, too!