Female Visionaries of STEAM Crafting Success on Their Own Terms

Written by Evita J. Rodulfo

24 Nov 2023

Ladies, let's cut to the chase. Your journey in the STEAM startup world is challenging. Investors aren't your saviours. First, we need to recognise the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in Europe. Then, we'll dive into strategies for success without relying on investors. We'll explore practical steps, share real stories, and provide tools to help you navigate and thrive in this demanding environment. Our focus is on empowering you to build your venture on your terms.

Challenges Slapped, Stereotypes Crushed

Education, financial barriers, and confidence issues are well-known. Current data shows that women represent 30% of startup entrepreneurs in the European Union, and 15.5% of entrepreneurs in Europe are female. This marks a notable presence in a challenging environment. Despite some progress, women still face significant obstacles, such as limited access to capital and networking opportunities. They receive only 7% of venture capital investments globally and face a financing gap of $1.5 trillion.

Picture this: women-led startups joining accelerator programs fashionably late, raising less in the early stages than their male counterparts. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Wrong. This setback might as well be a head start, putting you five years ahead regarding growth and economic impact. Welcome to the latecomer's advantage.

Let's talk numbers. In 2021, female entrepreneurs received a meager 1% of European venture capital investment. An embarrassing figure, mainly when their companies deliver double the revenue per dollar invested compared to the testosterone-fueled startups. It's time to flip the narrative.

While investors might seem like the golden ticket to success, reality tells a different tale. Take a cue from the likes of:

  • The Wing: Founded by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan, The Wing started as a co-working space designed for women. It soared to success without external investors, proving that creating a supportive space for women can lead to remarkable achievements.
  • Canva: Founded by Melanie Perkins, Canva is an online design platform that grew into a billion-dollar company without relying on external investors. Melanie's vision and determination propelled Canva into a powerhouse in the design industry.
  • Bumble: Whitney Wolfe Herd, co-founder of Tinder, left and started Bumble, a dating app that empowers women by letting them make the first move. Bumble achieved remarkable success without significant external funding.
  • Spanx: Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx, revolutionised the undergarment industry without relying on external funding. With a clear vision and relentless determination, she built an empire that reshaped how women approach shapewear.

Now, Unleash the STEAM Power: No Investor Needed!

  • Lead Your Startup, Your Way: Skip the investor route. Chart your course, and drive your vision. It’s your startup, your rules.
  • Bootstrap: Self-fund. It’s tough but rewarding. Prove you can do more with less.
  • Agility Wins: In STEAM, speed is key. Change fast, and stay ahead.
  • Network Power: Connect with other STEAM women. Share insights and grow together. It's collaboration over competition.
  • Profit Matters: Forget chasing start-up myths. Aim for real results – a business that earns and sustains.

It's time to roar. Your startup can flourish without an investor; it might even thrive better without them. You're not alone in this journey; we're here, unapologetically, cheering you on.

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