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Let Your Voice be Heard

This community is about supporting women and marginalized groups to grow and stay in their careers and enabling them to be in a position to make decisions that represent all of us.

  • Diverse voices
  • Community
  • Mentorship
A woman with dark skin, dark long hair in a white long-sleeve v-neck shirt with a white coffee mug, sitting at a table with a white woman in a white striped dark suit jacket rolled up at the ends and a white shirt underneath while holding a pair of glasses in her right hand. Both women are looking at a silver laptop and smiling with a book is open and a paper with different colors sits on top of the open book.

These are our team members

Diverse voices, cultures, and genders are critical to creating intelligent solutions that shape our lives and how we live.

Shea Harty

Founder @wennovate

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Amy Smith