What does membership do for you?

What's Free?

  • Our Slack space- meet your people- share your challenges - get connected.
  • Limited access to our online co-working space sponsored by Cosmos.video. A member will have to let in you when you 'knock' ✊🏼
  • Secured 'locked-door' meetings on Cosmos
  • Take a break and play games with your friends on Cosmos
  • Meet people casually- walk right up to someone and just say 'hi!' on Slack or Cosmos 😜
  • 15% Discount on our stand-alone workshops, webinars, or networking events (this does not include our leadership or founder programs)
  • All of that is FREE.

Extended Membership

Everything that's already FREE plus...

  • Everything in the Free membership plus...
  • Full Membership to our online co-working space. Sign on 24/7 and meet with people locally and abroad any time YOU want
  • Record your meetings if you need them.
  • 25% discount on our stand-alone workshops, webinars, or networking events. This includes our leadership and founder programs.

Mentorship Membership

Perfect if you are ready to get the help you want from an experienced peer, senior professional, or manager!

Everything that is offered in the Extended Membership plus...

  • 12-month access to our mentors who cannot wait to work with you!