A survey about a membership or fixed term program for women and female founders who are looking for community while growing their business

Women Founder Survey

From Surviving to Thriving

We want to support more women to play leading roles within STEAM organizations. This includes women founders who want to scale and grow their businesses!

While we have resources, expertise, mentors and allies ready to support this goal, we need some help to figure out the best way to deliver this support. We're aiming to provide a program for women founders that:

  • Gives you access to a supportive community of peers and allies.
  • Enables you to learn through peer-to-peer mentorship and mastermind sessions.
  • Connects you with experts in product, sales, marketing and finance to help you to improve and develop these aspects of your business.
  • Gives you access to investors for feedback and to learn how to get the funding you need.
  • Offers you mentorship from men and women who can give insight and advice.
  • And most importantly helps you to thrive beyond just surviving.

We need your help - filling out this survey will help us to get the details right, so that we deliver the program which works for you!

animation of diverse women sitting at a table discussing their business with financial graphics above their head